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Hey Automotive Employers, Are You Listening?

If you are hiring in the automotive industry and you think you hold all the cards, you’ve already lost.

That’s an extremely bold statement to make, however, with an ever increasing timescale from a job opportunity going live, to your new team member starting - it’s about time you started to accept it.

Candidates now find themselves working with more offers than ever, however, it’s not just the salary that will bring them to your company.

Work/life balance, empowerment, trust, parity and support have never been so powerful within auto industry recruitment, which means as automotive employers, you have a real opportunity to take the lead in a depleted market.

Society breeds a disposable mindset, however, investing for tomorrow has never been so essential.

Our industry is changing but our mindsets as employers aren't changing at the same pace. It’s time to catch up, so who’s with us?