A New Specialist in Town

We might be a new job board however, we aren’t new to this industry. Job boards feed our industry however, how many of you reading this have a negative thought about them, Probably most! It feels great to be wanted doesn’t it however, after the 15th phone call that emotion is a distant memory and we find ourselves either hiding from the endless calls and emails from various establishments trying to get your attention or speaking to that many we are to confused to remember our own names! Neither is ideal, finding your new career move should be exciting and private as well as controlled by you - not an auction bidding for your commitment! At JobAuto we firmly believe that keeping your cv private benefits everyone for so many reasons. Imagine only being contacted by companies you want to be contacted by, your cv going nowhere without your permission (yes it still happens) and just as importantly, your current employer not discovering you are seeking a move elsewhere! Employers don’t worry, breeding candidate confidence results in a stronger talent flow which put bluntly, means you get a better quality of applicant! Think about it, how reassuring must that be for the talent of today, freedom, discretion and control. If you aren’t posting on JobAuto, we suggest you stop reading and get to it