About Us

Who are Job Auto?

Job Auto was built to allow candidates the ability to apply for jobs with complete freedom and peace of mind. As job boards traditionally seek to allow your data to be free for all to see, our aim is simple - freedom and control. No need to worry about countless recruiters and HR departments combing our database, we believe you deserve a simple and effective service that gives you the freedom to apply for as many jobs as you want in complete confidence 

What We Do for Candidates

Allowing candidates the freedom of applying for any role they want with complete confidence, JobAuto delivers an enjoyable application process with complete peace of mind. We provide a facility where you can apply for jobs without the fear of your current employer finding your CV in a search, as nobody can search our talent pool. 

What We Do for Clients

Delivering an end user exclusive experience for candidates with complete privacy gives them confidence and peace of mind, resulting in stronger talent applying for your vacancies.  

Having a job board where candidates can apply for jobs with complete peace of mind and confidence is our goal.

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